Enhancing the End to End Journey

Enhancing the End to End Journey

In 2015, Innovate UK launched the Enhancing the End-to-End Journey‘ competition.

Competition Briefing

The competition was “seeking innovative proposals that facilitate seamless end-to-end journeys for people and goods. The concept of end-to-end journeys aims to expand the thinking around mobility as a service, by developing truly multi-modal travel options and a single point of access for the customer (whether traveller or goods mover).”

Previous research has indicated that fewer younger people are learning to drive than in previous generations and their car ownership is reducing.  This led to discussions amongst the partners about how to deliver travel for younger people now and in the future. The Pick&Mix proposal set out the consortium’s plans to work with young people to design a new mobility service which will improve how they relate to, use, and combine travel modes and transport services to meet their lifestyle needs without the requirement to own a car. Pick&Mix was one of just seven successful proposals from the competition. Our project officially started on 1st June 2016, and we are currently in the early ‘discovery’ stages.


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