Pick&Mix highlights from 2016

Pick&Mix highlights from 2016

As 2016 draws to a close it is amazing to reflect on how far our Innovate UK-funded Pick&Mix project has progressed. From writing the proposal and receiving the offer to delivering our first major milestone, it has been a year of great progress and hard work from the National Youth Team (NYT) and the Project Partners. The NYT have just finished pulling together all of the market research and key topic areas explored since the start of the project to prepare their service design recommendations to be presented back to the project team. We would like to say a huge thank you to all involved in the NYT and other participants for their commitment, creativity and hard graft.

Here are some of the highlights from the many project activities so far:

NYT sessions

Five NYT sessions have been held in Glasgow, Stirling and Edinburgh to explore the transport challenges of young people, generate peer-led market research and co-create the service design that will steer the project in the next stage. Our NYT was made up young people from 9 different local authorities covering both rural and urban areas, from Montrose and Orkney to Glasgow and Edinburgh. They have a wide variety of experiences, such as volunteering with Young Scot, holding MSYP positions, and working in the transport industry.

Focus Groups
As part of the market research phase of the Pick&Mix project, four focus groups were conducted with different cohorts of young people (16-25 year olds) around Scotland. These focus groups helped the NYT consider a wider range of views and enabled them to test emerging ideas. The first focus group was held with 6 young people living and working in small to medium sized rural towns around Angus (a Scottish local authority) at the end of November. The second, was held with 7 young professionals in Glasgow and the third was held with 10 students studying in Edinburgh. The final focus group was held in Arbroath (a medium sized rural town) with 5 high school students.

The outcomes of these focus groups were fed back in to the final design session of the National Youth Team.

National Survey
An online survey was prepared and launched to understand the transport challenges and barriers for a wider range of young people in Scotland. It had received over 500 responses over a 3 month running period. This data was analysed by the NYT in their final session to ensure that their recommendations consider the wider needs of their peers and provided a deeper understanding of the transport issues faced by Scottish young people. It will be referred to again when developing the business case for the new service, in the three iterations of user testing and as a reference point for the 6 month service trial which will be launching in October 2017.

What’s in store for 2017?
As we begin the New Year, the NYT and consortium will be working very closely together to refine the service design before beginning the next stage of the project: the build. Our technical team are itching to get started with developing Scotland’s first Mobility as a Service platform for young people as informed by our fantastic National Youth Team’s recommendations.
Watch this space for more project updates, interesting articles and key insights in 2017. Until then we hope that you have an excellent Christmas and we will see you in the New Year!

What transport challenges did you, or any young people you know, face in 2016? 

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